How many of these did you already know??
  1. This is trip number 16 (arguably. haha Remus)
  2. The biggest trip to date had 40 people (2009) (17 canoes & 6 kayaks).
  3. At one time tent city only covered 1 campsite, it is now 5 sites.
  4. One year Remus stayed up in the campground in his pop-up camper. (lame).
  5. Over the last 15 years 148 different people have went on the trip!
  6. 3 years in a row there was giant paper-mache mascots built on site. (Pin-us, Kanoo, Creature)
  7. We have been know to burn through 2 Ric of firewood on a trip.
  8. There have been no severe injuries or broken bones, just cuts, burns, bites, bruises and scrapes. (knock on wood.)
  9. Hauling a canoe up the top of The Sandhill was mandatory for awhile.
  10. Raccoons frequently invade Tent City. People have been known to scream "I'm freaking the f*ck out here!" as the coons reach inside their tents and small men have been known to vomit in fear.
  11. For several years there was a dam near Low Bridge that required a portage, you could jump off the dam into the water.
  12. Boats could be seen sporting "hood ornaments", but it was too difficult to keep thieves from stealing them.
  13. Over the 15 years, there has only been 1 leach on a foot and maybe 2 "on river" snake sightings. Although there was a 3' long blue racer in tent city (2010)
  14. There has been a dead rotting carcass dragged behind a boat (unconfirmed rumor is that it might have been Jason & Remus).
  15. Men have jumped off the bridge at Dobson (day 2 start).
  16. In the early days we ran a section of the Upper Pine that is rarely canoed and never seen by most on the current trip. (Skookum to Walker)
  17. The trip used to canoe on Sat & Sunday, limiting the "party factor" because people had to canoe and then drive home that day.
  18. For the first several years, camping was $4 per site per night for a total of $8. It is now $15 per site, 5 sites for 3 nights for total of $225.
  19. Each year there are several new participants that have never Ridden the Pine. Sometimes they find out the hard way the benefits of copious amounts of duct tape.